Smart creation


Scenario and automation making – Part one, the scenario.

This part of the Smart Home process increases the functions of your products. Linking them together to create scenarios and animations.
A Scenario is basically telling your home to act in a certain way. Telling your products to act together.

1. Cameras and security sensors on/off
2. Grouping strips and light bulbs together to switch on and off.
3. Grouping strips and light bulbs together to switch to a certain colour.


Set your home surveillance cameras to sense motion when you are away from home.







How to add a scenario.


Press the add icon at the top right-hand side of the screen.
This will bring you to the scenario settings menu.







From the settings menu you can edit the name and the photograph for the scenario that you are creating. You then can create actions. These actions tell your devices
what to do when you start your scenario. Press add action








– Turn on or on current scenarios
– Delay the actions
– Add devices to the actions.







Here we will add devices to the action of the scenario.


We will add the garage camera and another. The goal is to have both cameras linked to turn on when the scenario is activated.








Select Motion detector alarm switch to activate the on/off function. You can also adjust the alarm sensitivity and recording functions.








Set to switch to on and save.









Here I have added two cameras and set their motion sensors to turn on when I activate the scenario.