Smart creation

Scenario and automation making – Part one, the scenario.

This part of the Smart Home process increases the functions of your products. Linking them together to create scenarios and automations.

An automation is telling your products to act in a sequence. If one product is triggered, other products will act.
Linking one or more products in a scenario.

Linking two or more products together in an automation.
1. Alerts and warnings. Set your lights to turn on when motion is detected
2. Routines. Setting your house to wake up when you do.


Set your devices to wake up. Set devices to trigger other devices.









How to create an automation.


To add an automation, press the add sign at the top right-hand side of the screen. This will bring you to the settings menu.







I have used an existing automation as an example.
As you can see , the motion detector is set to switch on the lights when triggered.

There are a range of options that you can choose from to set automation.






To set the trigger (condition), add a condition by pressing the add condition option.








There are a range of triggers that you can select for your automation. In this photo you can see we can set triggers based on a lot of conditions. To set up the camera alert, use device.You can also use schedule to have your lights turn on at a time you choose.







Select the device that you want to use as a trigger for the automation.








To select the camera trigger, select the camera from the device list and the motion detection alarm switch.









After adding the trigger, then add the action (what you want to happen when the trigger is set off). Press the add Action button.








Select the action that you want to happen. For example, if you want the lights to turn on when a camera is triggers, select the device button and add the lights you want to turn on.







Select the Action you want to happen. For example, lights switching on.








Select the period of time you want the animation to operate in by pressing the Effective Period button.








You can select a pre-programmed period or customize one.