With the coronavirus appearing broadly in every headline, you’re no doubt looking to reduce your risk and stop the spread of those little undetectable germs stuck in every object around us. However, it is interesting to know that smart home automation system can help you to reduce contact with things that might have droplets of infection on them. Before we start off we will like to clarify that we are not in any way inferring that smart home will stop the Coronavirus. Interesting discussion, isn’t it? The home automation and smart technology can help us survive the storm of this virus – regardless of how serious it becomes for us. So today while we are talking about smart home automation, let’s have a look at these 4 best smart home automation product ideas that you can add up to your home to make your life easier ad a bit more germ-free.

  1. Lighting Control
Wifi controlled bulb

While we are talking about smart home the first thing that comes to our mind is the home lighting automation, it’s not only energy efficient but it improves safety, helps you welcome at home and creates moods to suit. You can control all the lights of your home from a single smart life app from your mobile phone.  Home lighting automation is one of the greatest advancements for a smart home. Now, if you have a busy business or a busy home your light switches are absolutely the target for the germs. People flick on and off the light switch and then touch their face…is there anything else to explain? You got the idea! Isn’t home lighting control the best idea for your smart homes? Of course, it helps you to stop touching that small plastic square several times a day. 

2. Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Let’s say in an emergency situation, your neighbour( from around the corner of your street, whom you don’t like) didn’t pile up stock for toilet paper or food and is wandering around your home one evening seeing if he can ask for some toilet paper from you. The first thing you will do is look at through the camera and not open the door pretending no one is at home. Isn’t it? Haha…Jokes apart ZPM’s indoor and outdoor cameras can help you keep an eye at your home when you are or not around. It is fully app controlled so you can watch work from home and home from work anytime anywhere. For instance, if you want something to be fixed at your house and don’t want to be in contact with the person you can simply choose to keep an eye from ZPM’s indoor and outdoor cameras. While everyone is afraid of coronavirus you can choose the people you want to come in contact with and prevent yourself from catching anyone’s germs.

3. Wifi controlled Multi-plug boards

Wifi controlled multiplug board

With the coronavirus outbreak, most of the people are choosing to prevent themselves and work from home. While you are working from home you need to maintain your laptop and phone batteries all the time. Instead of flicking the button on and off again and again and bringing all the germs on the plug to your hands, the best way is to buy ZPM’s wifi controlled multi-plug which can help you switch on and off from your device from anywhere using the app. You can set timers to control home appliances like microwave, Oven, stove etc. You can group the devices or work them individually as and what you want. So now take control of your appliances in your way!

4. Smart Wifi Switch

Smart wifi Switch

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to raise awareness about disease-prevention best practices like how to wash your hands correctly and how to disinfect your home, many are turning to tech to help battle the spread of disease. Touching your home switches, again and again, is routine for every house member. Do you really wash your hands after touching the switches even when you know how rapidly coronavirus is spreading? Obviously, the answer is NO, not every time. To prevent such thing ZPM’s smart wifi switch will help you to connect all your home appliances and lights by wifi, allowing you to turn on and off, schedule timer and check the status of your phone devices even when you are isolated. The less that you, your housemates and your guests have to touch in your home, the fewer opportunities there will be to exchange germs. Isn’t wireless home automation the best option for your house?

Like so many other emergencies and events in life, it’s after the fact that we really look back and realize all the things that we missed or all things that we should have prepared for and all the things that we wish we had.Again, as I sit here and write this, and think about possibly being isolated in my house for three weeks, I look around and wish I had made certain preparations. So wherever you’re sitting and reading this, I hope that your Wi-Fi is fast, I hope that your light switches are clean and free of germs, and I hope that you stocked up enough coffee and toilet paper to ‘weather the storm.’ If not head on to ZPM Home automation and equip your home with electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by your smartphone and sit back and relax with items that comfy up, fancy up and make your life more convenient.

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