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With the coronavirus appearing broadly in every headline, you’re no doubt looking to reduce your risk and stop the spread of those little undetectable germs stuck in every object around us. However, it is interesting to know that smart home automation system can help you to reduce contact with things that might have droplets of […]   Click on this link! Watch this video for an amazing idea for your room. Easy to install Easy to use  

Send us back your used ZPM automated bulb and receive $4 off your next purchase. What we do with the old bulb? We recycle the parts that can be recycled. We reuse the parts that can be reused. Why do we do this? ZPM is concerned with the amount of electronic/Hi-tech waste that is out […]

Connection issues for fibre internet The New Wave in WiFi. 5GHz vs. 2.4 GHz As more and more wireless devices hit the mainstream (IDC says a crazy 2 billion will use mobile technology to access the internet in 2016), the airwaves are getting a bit crowded. Currently most Wi-Fi systems run on what’s called the […] How the Internet of Things Can Shape the Future of Home Automation By Special Guest Henry Shephard, Business Development Manager, Cornflake May 20, 2019 Ever wondered what it would be like to have a home that answers all your needs – that wakes you up in the morning with the sweet aroma of coffee, plays your […] Future of home automation Home of the future is a space for the digital natives. With the invention of lots of automation technologies featuring IOT and AI, home automation has become a reality. One can implement several of their tasks with just a single command of verbal instructions. These technologies can used to build […]

Smart creation Scenario and automation making – Part one, the scenario. This part of the Smart Home process increases the functions of your products. Linking them together to create scenarios and automations. An automation is telling your products to act in a sequence. If one product is triggered, other products will act. Linking one or […]

AMAZON ALEXA HELP SHEET In order for you to enable this skill on your Alexa you can switch your account marketplace from to To mig rate your Account to kindly follow the steps below: 1. Visit the Manage Your Content and Devices page on ( ) 2. Select the Settings […]

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